Seasons Change



Hey y’all, Mal here.

Hey B, remember that time you tried to de-friend me on Facebook NINE years ago because you weren’t sure if you knew me? RUDE, haha. I think I let that fly for about a day before re-friending you. Despite your elusiveness, I eventually became your first official client three years later. Fast forward SIX years to present day, little did either one of us know, that we would find ourselves in the midst of one of the purest sisterhoods, genuine friendships, and solid partnerships that I ever could have envisioned.

That’s not to say that the road here has been easy by any stretch of the imagination. The word FAILURE has plagued our thoughts so many times, especially recently, not only as small-business owners, but as women. The past few years for us have been laced with overwhelming excitement, painful sacrifices, heartache, necessary endings, new beginnings, new life (WHAT UP GB!), and constant uncertainty. Just like many others, we don’t always feel like we succeed at juggling the many roles we need to fill, be it mother, spouse, designer, shop owner, friend, daughter, etc.

Despite all of the anxiety inducing, sleep-depriving uncertainty and doubt that we allow to creep into our thoughts, there’s been an unwavering passion for our vision and work, and an overwhelming gratitude to be connected to such a strong community of empowered bad-ass women.

Life has thrown us some curve-balls, and we have had to adjust our plan many times. It’s safe say we have been on a bit of a hiatus lately (let’s just call it a forced sabbatical) due to many circumstances out of our control, but WE BACK and BIG changes are in the works. Thank you for supporting us thus far, listening to our occasional rants, and inspiring us to forge forward.